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Feel helpless? There is a solution. Take control of your health. 4x4 Healing …

Comprehensive 4X4 Healing

Bridging the gap between physical and non-physical healing with power and plan.

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Bonnie Yost
Licensed Physical Therapist
Author, Speaker

Bonnie Yost, Physical Therapist
4×4 Healing – For the rough terrain of life.

I combine over four decades of Physical Therapy experience with my unique 4×4 Healing approach to heal all 4 systems. Learn what you can do to transform physical limitation and deep internal and relational pain into profound potential to live in joy and vibrant health.

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Your physical pain is a flashing warning light that shouldn’t be ignored.

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Your mind creates and solves problems or gets tangled up in unhelpful patterns.

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Your heart beats. It can also be broken and wounded. Or healthy and healed.

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You are loved unconditionally by a God who made you uniquely unique.

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To my amazement, you have helped not only with my physical pain, but with my emotional healing as well.

Teresa B.

I have found healing with the instruction and “how to” steps to achieve total healing from past wounds that I have carried for some time in my life. I have shared her wisdom with family and friends and grandkids experiencing difficulties in their life with the power of prayer and the guided instruction of steps to achieve freedom in Christ! Thank you, God, for Bonnie and her Godly wisdom and counsel in my life.

Julie F.

The 4x4 Healing approach to healing the mind, body, soul, and spirit is effective and practical. [It] changed the way I think about the mind-body connection.

Tom B., MA, LMFT

In comparing the progress made by this individual prior to Bonnie’s involvement and then since, the benefits of a holistic approach in Physical Therapy is has become obvious.

Sharon K.

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